Australian research finds wine reduces ovarian cancer risk

July 18, 2017

Mustian has dedicated her career to understanding the mind-body connection. She believes that some of the common symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment may be associated with a deconditioning of the body.

However, hurdles still exist in the field of oncology. For example, it is not clear if exercise is safe for all cancer patients, how exercise may affect treatment, what types of exercises are appropriate and how much exercise is needed. Preliminary scientific literature is beginning to answer some of these questions, Mustian says. Studies have already shown, for example, that moderate exercise is safe for some cancer patients and that exercise might help problems such as lymphodema, the arm swelling and pain that many women experience after breast surgery.

???Scientific advances in cancer treatment have moved medicine to the point that more patients can expect to survive for longer periods of time. And that??s very exciting,??? Mustian says. ???So now researchers must work to make sure that cancer treatment includes methods that will help patients return to a life that is active, normal and full of the quality that everyone deserves. I am thrilled to be part of this important new wave of research in cancer control and survivorship, which is focused on relieving the side effects of treatment and improving long-term recovery.???

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