BIOTRONIK announces first implantations of new Lumax 740 ICDs

March 28, 2017

Additionally, the intracardiac impedance measure is being used to investigate changes in left ventricular volume as a parameter that could potentially be taken for optimizing cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) and predicting worsening heart failure. This data is transmitted from the patient's device to the physician continuously and automatically using BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring?, the industry's only remote patient management system FDA- and CE-approved for the early detection of clinically relevant events.

"The ability to more accurately predict progressing heart failure would represent a major step forward for implant technology and functionality," reports Professor Gunnar Klein, Clinic for Cardiology and Angiology, University Hospital Hannover, Germany and Coordinating Clinical Investigator of the Lumax 740 Master Study. "Currently there is no completely reliable way to ensure that physicians have sufficient time to intervene before patient status becomes critical and the situation results in acute hospitalization; the intracardiac impedance measurement is an innovative sensor-technology to study because it can contribute to the development of a reliable algorithm for early prediction of worsening heart failure."

"Now that the Lumax 740 ICD series has been added to BIOTRONIK's growing portfolio of ProMRI? devices, which also includes our Evia and Estella pacemaker series and, as off today, the only MR Conditional ICDs available, we have taken a number one leadership position in innovation??with the industry's broadest portfolio of implantable cardiac devices that are eligible for use with MRI," commented Dr. Werner Braun, Managing Director of BIOTRONIK.