CMSC analyses patient self-management in Multiple Sclerosis

March 15, 2017

Based upon the review of self-management outcomes in other disease states, and the understanding of the unique challenges presented by MS, the CMSC offered a number of recommendations to the MS healthcare provider for promoting self-management:

Raising awareness within the MS professional communityAssessing unmet needs in MSPromoting diverse aspects of MS self-management researchEliminating practice barriers Developing evidence-based practice to encourage financial support Promoting self-management via the CMSC-NARCOMS global registryLeveraging healthcare plans to promote financial support strategies Encouraging CMSC members to promote self-management among the broader MS community

Dr. Fraser has obtained a research and training grant to develop the "Self-Management Consensus Conference," to be held in April of 2010 in Seattle. The white paper is designed to stimulate interest in funding research for educational programming for people with MS. "The work in MS has chiefly been related to physical conditioning and we need a more holistic perspective on a wellness intervention," Dr. Fraser suggested.

SOURCE Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers