IsoRay receives Washington State approval for GliaSite system to treat brain cancer

March 19, 2017

IsoRay CEO Dwight Babcock says "We are excited to immediately begin offering GliaSite? nationwide and internationally in the near future. The GliaSite? system represents a key development in opening the door to further advances that can expand treatment efficacy as we seek clearance for the use of liquid Cesium-131. We have already seen the importance of Cesium-131 internal radiation therapy seeds in effecting survivability and quality of life in the treatment of cancers throughout the body. As a company, we are excited to see expanding adoption in hospitals and medical practices nationwide and internationally. Just as importantly, however, we are cognizant of this crucial milestone for patients who are searching for treatment options and hope in their fight against brain cancer."

Prior to the Company's acquisition of the GliaSite? technology, approximately 500 GliaSite? cases were performed annually at some 40 hospitals worldwide. Babcock says physicians are enthusiastically awaiting GliaSite?'s availability. "With our sales launch now assured, IsoRay can expect revenue growth in the coming year. We are already hearing from doctors who are anxious to access this leading-edge technology to treat their patients and give them more choices," he noted.

The GliaSite? system has established reimbursement for both in-patient and out-patient settings. In addition to its CMS codes, Cesium-131 is FDA-cleared in seed form for the treatment of prostate cancer, lung cancer, ocular melanoma cancer, brain cancer, colorectal cancer, gynecologic cancer, and head and neck cancer and other cancers throughout the body.

Source: IsoRay