Orthopedic surgeon specializes in cutting-edge shoulder procedures from a 45-minute technique

September 21, 2017

The resurfacing shoulder implant is a conservative and more gradual approach to surgery. It is typically done on patients with earlier stage shoulder problems and designed to restore the normal anatomy of the joint while improving range of motion with minimal bone resection. The reversed shoulder replacement is often used on patients with torn rotator cuffs due to injury, aging, overuse, or severe arthritis. Typically performed on patients with more advanced shoulder problems, this procedure is a total joint replacement and allows patients the use of their deltoid muscle to lift their arm versus their rotator cuff.

"Before I met Dr. Solman, I had a bad experience with shoulder surgery that did not work," says Clyde Launius. "When I finally met Dr. Solman, I was at a point where I couldn't reach up to the cabinets in my kitchen," said Launius. "I had tremendous pain. Dr. Solman listened to me, recommended and performed the reversed shoulder procedure and I finally have my shoulder back."

SOURCE Dr. Solman