PDL corrects earlier-announced adjusted conversion rates for two Notes

May 28, 2017

That magnitude of benefit is comparable to many chemotherapy treatments. It is believed that because Zometa strengthens bones, it's tougher for cancer to spread there and the drug may also have direct effects against circulating cancer cells or microscopic tumors.

Zometa costs more than $1,000 in the U.S. and about half as much in Europe, though the price may drop when its U.S. patent expires in 2013. Novartis helped pay for the study and Gnant consults for the company.

???They benefitted substantially as long as they were well past menopause,??? said Dr. Peter Ravdin, director of the breast cancer program at the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio, who also had no role in the research. Other studies reported at the conference this week strengthen the view that Zometa works best in women with little estrogen. A consistent picture is emerging, Ravdin said.

The cancer conference is sponsored by the American Association for Cancer Research, Baylor College of Medicine and the UT Health Science Center.