PLoS ONE publishes study on darinaparsin, a multivalent chemotherapeutic

March 14, 2017

Fenton-Ambrose continued, "By far the most significant and exciting development has been the scientific validation of the use of low-dose CT scans to screen those at high risk and significantly reduce lung cancer's mortality.  This is a game changer - a life-saving breakthrough - which LCA will work to see brought safely, equitably and efficiently into our public health system." 

"We are also monitoring approval of an additional $10 million in federal lung cancer research funding," noted Fenton-Ambrose, "that if signed into law this Congress will bring to date a total of $60 million in funding secured by LCA for disease research.   This in parallel with growing federal interest in and national network support for  the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act, a first-ever coordinated and comprehensive plan of action for all aspects of lung cancer, positions our disease for significant advancements in the months ahead, just as we realized with our most recent drug approval for the ALK marker," Fenton-Ambrose concluded.

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SOURCE Lung Cancer Alliance