Power3 converts provisional patent applications

November 14, 2017

These patent applications are being filed to protect Power3 Medical's proprietary platform technologies that the Company is using in conjunction with major research institutions in the Houston area, to develop disease specific diagnostic tests for neurodegenerative disease, breast cancer, and drug resistance. These applications are two of 9 utility patents pending, 12 provisional patent applications, and 1 issued patent, owned and/or licensed by Power3.

"The purpose of this platform technology is to discover disease specific biomarkers and to use them to tailor optimal disease specific immuno- diagnostic tests using our identified biomarkers for neurodegenerative disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, and drug resistance", says Dr. Ira L. Goldknopf, Chief Scientific Officer of Power3 Medical. "The test designs are based upon the nature of the biomarker identities, the clinical testing requirements, and whether the test is to be conducted with blood serum, breast nipple aspirate fluid, or other diagnostic samples from patients."

"According to Steven Rash, chairman and chief executive officer "Our objective is to obtain patent protection for Power3's intellectual property rights used in tests measuring changes among groups of biomarkers for the early detection of neurological diseases, cancer, etc. We believe that patent protection for the disease specific discovery and testing methods will prove to be a strong asset in the Company's ever growing intellectual property portfolio, and thereby, serve to enhance shareholder value."

Power3's tests comprises collecting blood or other samples from a patient, analyzing a panel of protein biomarkers, and determining whether or not the patient has the disease based on the quantity of the biomarkers in the patient's sample combined with biostatistical analysis. The Company also intends to extend the technology to high throughput immunodiagnostics suitable for clinical laboratories and doctors' offices.

The Power3 intellectual property portfolio includes other pending patents, provisional patent applications, and research and license agreements with leading medical research institutions in the areas of cancer, drug resistance, metabolic syndrome, and neurodegenerative disease.