Report on the future market potential for monoclonal antibodies

April 11, 2017

Much work has also been done on altering antibodies' outward form to boost their efficacy, enabling them to more readily penetrate tumors, enhancing their ability to stimulate beneficial immune responses, or otherwise improving their characteristics. Into this realm fall such constructions as antibody fragments, diabodies, synthetic antibodies, bispecific antibodies, and antibody conjugates. This report looks at some of the engineered forms of antibodies and the companies that are leading the way in this research. Other complementary technologies, such as PEGylation and glycosylation, are also presented.

Monoclonal Antibodies: Pipeline Analysis and Competitive Assessment presents an analysis for the current state of mAb drug development. It identifies more than 250 therapeutic products now in clinical trials, which are largely concentrated in the areas of cancer, immunological and inflammatory diseases, as well as infectious diseases. Beyond these, hundreds more candidates are at the preclinical stage of development. Reviewed here are the products that are already available, those in clinical development, and those still at the preclinical stage that are likely to play an important role in the advancement of the field.

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