Tart cherry juice may help runners recover quickly and effectively from post-race pain

March 17, 2017

"Most people only think about how to manage post-workout pain, not realizing that pain management and the ability to maximize muscle recovery starts before you even put on your shoes," said Bonci. "I recommend tart cherry juice to my athletes because it is a natural, anti-inflammatory option that provides additional nutrition value such as antioxidants and carbohydrates. Cherry juice is also extremely convenient to incorporate into a routine because it is available all year round and easy to take on the road."

Furthermore, cherries' anti-inflammatory properties have been shown to help relieve arthritis and joint pain, which Bonci says is extremely beneficial to active adults who are also trying to manage the aches and pains of aging. The average age of today's endurance athlete is 40-years-old (marathonguide).

Red Recovery Routine

To help athletes at every level enhance their training and recovery, Bonci and the Cherry Marketing Institute created the Red Recovery Routine. Visit www.choosecherries to download the Red Recovery Routine and learn more about the unique health benefits of cherries. The site also features other exceptional athletes who have discovered the pain-fighting power of tart cherries.

SOURCE The Cherry Marketing Institute